Window Washing is a Family Affair

Jerome at A Paneless Solution was Born into Window Cleaning.

Jerome’s father was a window cleaner and from a very early age, Jerome would help him clean glass.

When he turned 16, his father said, “I guess you’re going to want to get a car.” Thinking his father was going to follow that with “I will get you one”, he instead replied, ” Well, you’re going to have to get a job and save to buy one so, come on, you can soap up the windows for me while I squeegee them.”

And so it began. To this day, it’s all about buckets, ladders, drop cloths, squeegees, water-fed poles and filtered water. These are all of the essential tools for cleaning windows the right way that leaves clients smiling through the perfectly clear glass. Jerome has honed his skills with his tools, his knowledge of window cleaning and pressure washing. He takes pride in the service he brings to his customers.

So if quality window cleaning and pressure washing is what you are looking for, contact us today at A Pane-less Solution in Boynton Beach for a FREE estimate. Our techs are the window washing and pressure washing experts in the Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton, FL areas. Our service area includes:

Boca Raton 33483, 33444, 33445, 33484, 33446
Deerfield Beach 33431  | Lighthouse Point 33064
Pompano Beach 33062  |  Ocean Ridge 33435
Boynton Beach 33426 33436 33437 33473 33472
Manalapan 33462  |  Palm Beach 33460 33405
West Palm Beach 33460 33405  |  Lake Park 33403
North Palm Beach 33408

We will clean the interior and exterior panes for the perfect look you desire from a professional cleaning team. In addition to expert window cleaning, our techs are equipped to do deck washing around the pool and other pressure washing jobs around the house or commercial building Just dial 561-445-8586 to schedule your free estimate or click here.

Customer Testimonial: “I can’t recommend this company highly enough! I recently moved and the windows in my home looked like they hadn’t been cleaned in decades. I contacted A Pane-Less Solution and they came out right away and did a spectacular job! True professionals!! It looks like a totally different house! It’s amazing the difference clean windows makes!! Thanks Again!!!”                       – -Lauren Anastasi

And Jerome washing windows today.

Jerome’s Father washing windows in the 70’s.

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